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Jessica's Night
Author's note: This story is something I did I did one night. It's kind of like Romeo and Juliet although only Bart gets the pain in the end! This is also rated PG 13, as it contains small sex references.
Bart had missed the bus once again. He slowly dragged his feet along the sidewalk, with his heavy bag over his shoulder. It was all Nelson's fault that he missed the bus. Nelson had shoved him into his locker during lunch, and he just escaped just as the bus took off.
Bart still continued to walk down the street. He was nearly at home, but he soon came to Jessica Lovejoy's house. Jessica was out the front kicking a ball, and it hit Bart right in the face.
"Ow!" Yelled Bart. The ball bounced onto the ground, and rolled back to Jessica.
"Oh, Bart!" Jessica smiled, "What brings you here?"
"I'm just walking home, because NELSON made me miss the bus."
Jessica walked over to Bart, and held his hand.
"Would it be okay if you came inside? My parents aren't home, and..."
"No, Jessica. I still hate you after I was blamed for stealing the collection plate..."
"Ok, Bart, will you come inside NOW?"
Jessica kissed Bart on the cheek, and giggled.
"As much as I enjoyed that... no." Bart said.
"Ok, Bart," Jessica began, feeling a little annoyed, "The school dance is on this Friday night, and if you go with me, I'll help you get payback on Nelson for making you miss the bus."
Bart thought for a moment, then agreed. Suddenly, Reverend Lovejoy drove up the driveway and saw Bart. He got out of his car, and yelled...
"Bart Simpson! I thought I told you to never talk to my daughter again!"
"Yeah, but--" Bart began. But it was no use. He was in trouble.
"If you ever talk to Jessica again, I'm going to take serious action! I may even call the police!"
Bart gulped and walked off...
The next day was Friday. That night was the school dance, and Bart was feeling nervous. Jessica's dad would be there, selling refreshments. But maybe Jessica had called the date off...
"Of course the date isn't off!" Jessica said at school.
"But your father--"
" *SIGH* My dad won't see us dancing at the dance. Trust me. Now anyway, how should we get payback on Nelson?"
"Uh... I don't know about this..."
But before Bart could finish talking, Jessica kissed him straight on the lips.
"Wow." Bart said, shocked.
"Now let's think of a plan..."
That night was the dance. Nelson didn't go because of the bee incident Bart and Jessica did. Anyway, Jessica saw Bart over near the door, and she walked over to him...
"So, Bart, want to dance?"
"That depends... where's your father?"
Jessica just laughed, and kissed him again on the lips.
"Now come on. Let's dance!" Jessica grinned.
"What? No, I--" Bart began, but he got dragged out of the school before he could finish.
The next thing he knew, he was at the police station. Marge and Homer were there too...
"I'm very dissapointed in you, Bart." Frowned Marge.
"How far did you get, boy?"
Bart was about to cry, but he didn't. Not in front of the cops.
"You're grounded for the rest of the month!" Marge began.
"And no dinner, desert, or snacks. No lunch either. Just breakfeast. And no brunch!" Added Homer.
"And you have to stay in your room at all times!"
"And no breathing!"
"Homer! Don't Tell him that, He'll Starve!" shouted Marge. "Oh, But Marge He (Stammers) Oh Alright, you can have whatever it is you wanna eat, Boy. But there will be no Kwik-E Mart, No Comic Book Store, No Prank Calling My Friend, Moe, No TV, and Further more, NO NOISELAND ARCADE!! and How do you know Boy? Well I Called Apu, Mr. CBG, Moe, And That Sarcastic Man Wherever we meet this guy because he has a Job License" Said Homer. "And I'm Warning You Homer and Marge Simpson!" Said Timothy Lovejoy. "Either You Keep that Dennis The Menace-like Demon Boy Away From My Daughter or Else Bart Will have to be locked up in Juvenile Hall FOREVER!" He Shouted. "Gasp! No! Not That! It Won't Happened Again!" Said Marge. "I Don't want to lose my Son To Juvie Forever!" Said Homer. "Well I Suggest You Keep him Away from Reverend Lovejoy's Daughter Or that's what's Gonna Happen." Said Chief Wiggum. "And As For you Jessica Young Lady! I'm Transferring you to an All-Girls School Where You May Never See that Devil-Worshipping Child Again!" Added Timothy Lovejoy.
Homer and Marge dragged bart out of the police station, and they got into the car. Bart looked out the window and saw Jessica Lovejoy standing on the sidewalk. She winked at him, and laughed, while Bart began to cry...
And that's the story of when Jessica Lovejoy was sure that she could make boys do what she wanted. And as for Bart, well, he never saw the light of day again... for a month, while Jessica rode off with that Milhouse kid.
This A Simpsons Fanfiction Based On Romeo And Juliet Where Bart Gets In Trouble.
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